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Onion Parody Hits Obama Administration Too Close to Home

Wow…Watching this Onion parody is exactly what has been happening for the last year. It’s like watching an Obama administration strategy session on how to waste…er…spend tax money. I seriously didn’t know if it was fake. Health care, stimulus, retarded budgets…you gotta spend your way out of debt. None of these are in any way […]


Kenan Thompson is Reba…OMFG!

This digital short “Two Worlds Collide” from SNL with Andy Samberg and Kenan Thompson is perhaps one of the top five funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life. I laughed hysterically the first 15 times I watched the thing. I’m thoroughly convinced that with this clip, the scared straight character, and many others that […]


Funniest Closet Oranizer

Saturday Night Live has always done great commercials…this is one of the funniest I’ve seen in recent memory


Organ Madness…No, rly

I’m always getting these links from my boy Seth to add to the site and I feel bad that I’ve been too lazy to do it for so long because he gives me better shit than I find myself sometimes. Cameron Carpenter, the man in in this clip is…well there are no words to describe […]


Bestest Drummer EVAR

It’s been a while since I had a new post up here but I’ve consulted with the Muse and was inspired to start posting again. Over a year ago I posted an entry called Best Drum Solo Ever . In it there was an anonymous drummer rocking out at what seemed to a marching band […]


Retardation a Celebration

This is by far my favorite Strangers with Candy episode. It’s the pilot so not many people have seen it unless you have the DVDs. If you haven’t seen it, the show was sick, twisted, and totally badass. Like all badass shows it was cancelled to make room for stupid reruns or some other bullshit. […]


John Carpenter’s “The Thing” Remade With GI Joes…

ZOMG…this video is fucking awesome.  Stop action GI Joes remaking the thing to pretty cool electronic music.  If ever there was such a thing, THIS is nerd porn.  I got chills. It combines: GI Joes…The Thing (one of the creepiest horror flicks ever made)…and electronic music.  Ok the Last one isn’t really a nerd thing […]


“Paper Towels” Makes My Day

This video is hilarious…I watch it on bad days to cheer me up because it’s so damn good. Watch Paper Towels and more funny videos on CollegeHumor


Squirrel Obstacle Course

Squirrels are amazingly intelligent little rodents. This one navigates a very complicated obstacle course like it’s nothing.


List of the Best Flash Game Sites

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a list of some of the best flash game sites? Wouldn’t it be great if you could waste days of your precious time playing games online and you never had to look for them? Well here you go (not in any particular order).


The Hacker Incident

Posted by ebowen On December - 17 - 2008ADD COMMENTS

Some of the funniest things I’ve ever read come from IRC conversations over at  They’re just awesome. Here is an oldie but a goody I found on another site that is great.  I’m reproducing it from this post.  I laughed my ass off when I first read it. Quote: For information: The dangerous hacker is called bitchchecker and the one being hacked and original author of the comments, who is talking here, is known as Elch. is always the IP-adress of the computer you’re... more

Rent vs. Buy

Posted by ebowen On December - 17 - 2008ADD COMMENTS

I found this little Rent vs. Buy calculator online that helps you calculate if you should rent or buy a house.  With interest rates so low right now it may be a good time for people in good financial situations to consider buying, despite what’s going on in the markets.   It’s definitely a buyer’s market right now.  It’s a quick and easy little web interface.  Throw in all the important data and it’ll help you calculate all the pros and cons of renting and buying.  Read More →


Posted by ebowen On December - 17 - 2008ADD COMMENTS

I highly recommend you check out the short “Khoda” over at It looks like he animated it, but it’s actually over 6000 paintings he made and then strung pictures of each of them together to make the video.  It took TWO YEARS to make!! I can’t even fathom that…of course I have the attention span of a rabbit on speed…  Read More →

Music Catch

Posted by ebowen On December - 17 - 2008ADD COMMENTS

Music Catch This is a cool little game I found that I really like.  You catch shapes that go along with the music.  It’s simple and you can get a full version that you can play with your own MP3s.  Check it out…let me know if you beat 135 million.  Read More →

GI Joe Film Posters

Posted by ebowen On December - 17 - 2008ADD COMMENTS

Thanks to these GI Joe: Rise of Cobra movie posters are now available. It’s a huge ensemble cast…and thank god Michael Bay has nothing to do with it. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 25%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */  Read More →

Top Five Flash Zombie Games

Posted by ebowen On December - 17 - 2008ADD COMMENTS

Here are some of my favorites…send me more if you know of any 5. Boxhead Zombie Wars I’d like this one a lot more if the controls weren’t so stiff. 4. The Last Stand Another good one that’s a little stiff on the control but fun nonetheless. 3. Zombie Baseball Baseball + zombie decapitation = hours of fun 2. Eternal Red I don’t know if you’re a zombie or not but it’s fun as hell 1. Endless Zombie Rampage is tough to get used to at first but it has given me... more

Top Five Left-Handed Gift Ideas

Posted by ebowen On December - 17 - 20082 COMMENTS

In no particular order I thought I’d share some left-handed gift ideas for the holidays. The Yoropen Ballpoint.  You can also find it at The Left-Handed Keyboard. A bunch of kid-friendly lefty gifts at Here are some garden implements over at  Most people don’t know that lefties don’t live as long as righties because they use things made for right-handers… And finally, several gift sets for lefties at  Read More →

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