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Music Snob Conversation We’ve All Heard

Posted by ebowen On January - 27 - 2009

As I’ve said before, I really love IRC conversations on and the like…I thought this one I found over at was awesome because I’ve actually heard these conversations before.  The actual conversation of music snobs I can do without, but this is awesome.

<wjw75> I really like Obscure Album by Band You’ve Never Heard Of, because it gives me a feeling of smug superiority whilst allowing me to express my unique individualism.
<jmmcd> Yes but Earlier Stuff by the same band is far better.
<ABabyAteMyDingo> You should hear Solo Album the lead singer made under the name Pseudonym.
<buddhahat> What you really want (but can’t get) is the Impossibly Hard to Come By vinyl only recording of The Concert Only 3 People Knew About.
<munificent> I was at that concert. The recording doesn’t hold a candle to the live experience.
<postdarwin> Yeah, but the sound in the hall was crap.
<postdarwin> I was backstage at The Concert Only 3 People Knew About by Lead Singer (which was eventually released as Impossibly Hard To Come by vinyl) and I captured the unmastered output from the monitor mix desk.
<postdarwin> This was by far the best performance by any band ever. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what I named the file–something like CTX000118.wav I think.
<vkkim> Heh, I used to sell their drummer coke and I kept /my/ recording. I’ll trade you the FLACs for Lead Singer’s experimental work he did in college while tripping on acid.
<vkkim> That shit is so raw, you can’t even tell it’s music.
<vkkim> Rumor has it that he didn’t even plan on recording it, but left his 4-track recorder on accidentally while having sex. He even got the last of the Dying Lizards in on it too. Crazy.
<bitt3n> I am Lead Singer and I don’t know what the hell you wankers are talking about. I ripped all my riffs off of Boy George albums transcribed into 3/4 time.
<bitt3n> Hell, my most famous song, College Radio Sensation, is just “Karma Chameleon” played at 33 RPM.
<cedarzero> Dear Lead Singer, I am writing to say that rips of your band’s first three 45’s showed up recently in my feeds, and I listened to them without historical or cultural baggage.
<cedarzero> I found them enjoyable, and I think it’s a shame they’re out of print. It’s good work.
<cedarzero> Best, Amateur Musicologist
<infosnax> But did you get there in time to see Opening Band, who served as a real inspiration for all of BYNHO’s work? I did.
<infosnax> I’m pretty sure I was the only one there.
<munificent> I caught them playing acoustic in the back yard at the after party when Local Legend Who Split Up Just Before Getting Huge showed up and jammed with them.
<jmmcd> Only us true fans refer to them as BYNHO. High-five!
<Chthonius> True fans know that they changed the spelling to B!YNHO from BYNHO! to distinguish themselves from the Japanese movie of the same name.
<memsisthefuture> Man, Opening Band is such a ripoff. They stole most of their material from Dull Smoked Up 70’s Band, and what they didn’t steal just sucks.
<petdance> I call bullshit. If you were an actual hipster you would have said “show,” not “concert.”
<runeinalya> Solo Album wasn’t really all that great. Lead Singer’s old band was so much better on their first demo recording in their attic when they were all in middle school.
<kirun> Dude, they totally sold out when they released Next Album on Label That Once Signed Popular Artist.
<ibsulon> Dude, that was such an underrated album! Everyone hated it just because it was on a major label and had commercial production values. If the True Fans (TM) would have supported it, they wouldn’t have broken up and who knows what they would have come up with next?
<-J-> Well their last album title ‘”True /Fans/ (TM)”‘ was kind of sarcastic and is known as their “fare bad” album rather than their fare well.
<-J-> Kind of a slap in the face if you ask me.
<-J-> With songs like “It Was All Your Fault You Lazy Bastards”, and “You’re So Dumb (I Bet You Don’t Even Know What This Song Means)” to the tune of Carly Simons’ “You’re So Vein”, and “Did You Ever Even Hear Of Us?”, how could one not feel a little bit put off by their gratitude to their real
fans who you’ve never heard of?
<blankaccount> I really liked Less Obscure ‘Pop Outsiders’ That Are Worse than Band You’ve Never Heard Of But Which Allow Me to Maintain Superiority Even Above them by Complying With Certain Conformities.
<schneby> I like Comeback 80’s Band with New Lead Singer Guy.
<memsisthefuture> Pssh! Come on, gimme a break. They are ruining their good reputation. New Lead Singer Guy isn’t even half the man Heroin Overdose Dude was.
<toastspork> Oh, them.
<toastspork> Yeah, I knew them before anyone knew who they were. Even before *they* knew who they were.
<clearwaterlab> I liked their older stuff, especially the album recorded in a jail cell. That’s RAW.
<shootdashit> why won’t anyone mention this band’s name you’re all talking about?! it sounds fuckin’ awesome.


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