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What is Sexy about that?

Posted by ebowen On January - 7 - 2009

Can anyone tell me what is sexy about what this girl is doing?  I didn’t think so.  Sure she’s physically attractive in some way I guess.  But if she wasn’t you’d say whatever it is she’s doing with her body was something we beat retards for doing in public.  It’s awkward, it’s stupid, and it’s anything but attractive.  If anything, it makes her completely unattractive to me.  Man what I wouldn’t do to be able to cram my underwear up my butt and hump to the beat (which I guess she was doing…in theory) and get paid for it.  Ok I take that back, I wouldn’t want to do that at all…come on guys, you need to raise your standards.  It’s a travesty that someone is paying for this type of crap.  WTF? What part of her trying to rip her boobs off turns you on?  Is it just me?  This is what I would call the worstest…


2 Responses to “What is Sexy about that?”

  1. johnny says:

    unfortunately my friend, i have to disagree with you. that chick is pretty hot. i wouldn’t ever pay for that shit or crank to it though

  2. ebowen says:

    What she’s doing is anything but attractive. I said she’s pretty though.

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