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The Video That Ended Billy Squire’s Career

Posted by ebowen On July - 7 - 2009

And makes me laugh hysterically if I even try to watch it for more than 30 seconds…I can’t even begin to explain how bad Billy Squire is in this video…you HAVE to see this for yourself.  There are rumors that this is the reason for the end of record sales…


12 Responses to “The Video That Ended Billy Squire’s Career”

  1. Chip says:

    Oh. Dear. God.

  2. NeeAnderTall says:

    “If what you imagined the music would look like matches what you see on MTV, kill yourself.” – Lewis Black. Thanks MTV.

  3. I grew up on this crap!!!! Is he gay?

  4. SheQuon says:

    As far as I know BS is not gay; but Kenny Ortega, who directed this video, is.

  5. Billy's Rectum says:

    I can promise you Billy is gay. Ever hear his song “The Stroke” ?

  6. larry says:

    I finally understood why the Southpark series killed kenny over and over. Kenny Ortega!

  7. nettie says:

    omg at the end they look like they are having a big gay fest!!

  8. Q says:

    Ironic, isn’t it? Truly one of the greatest, rock-your-face-off songs of all time is stained (literally) by this f-ing video. Mr. Ortega, wherever you are, FU. (And Billy, wherever you are, dude, I grew up on your shit and I love your music…and I get the post-70’s, it’s-OK-to-dance like Freddy Mercury thing, but Jesus you look like such a fag in this video. Anyway, TOUR MF…lots of fans like me still put here!!)

  9. Don Bleau says:

    So lame.

  10. Bruiser Brody says:

    R u fn serious? The song is a pop-rock fantasy, sorry, fagtasy…
    nah just gags…but I have to query why this clip is so highlighted? Just watched “The Stroke”…fk me, if you didn’t see a “Rock Me..” clip happening then your Gaydar is further off than mine!

    Either way, both songs are very limited but fun….
    and gay :)

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