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Onion Parody Hits Obama Administration Too Close to Home

Posted by ebowen On March - 25 - 2010

Wow…Watching this Onion parody is exactly what has been happening for the last year. It’s like watching an Obama administration strategy session on how to waste…er…spend tax money. I seriously didn’t know if it was fake. Health care, stimulus, retarded budgets…you gotta spend your way out of debt. None of these are in any way different than the money hole.

In The Know: Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole?


Kenan Thompson is Reba…OMFG!

Posted by ebowen On March - 14 - 2010

This digital short “Two Worlds Collide” from SNL with Andy Samberg and Kenan Thompson is perhaps one of the top five funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life. I laughed hysterically the first 15 times I watched the thing. I’m thoroughly convinced that with this clip, the scared straight character, and many others that Kenan Thompson is the funniest person on SNL right now…after watching Good Burger I would have never thought I’d being saying those words.


Funniest Closet Oranizer

Posted by ebowen On March - 13 - 2010

Saturday Night Live has always done great commercials…this is one of the funniest I’ve seen in recent memory


Organ Madness…No, rly

Posted by ebowen On March - 13 - 2010

I’m always getting these links from my boy Seth to add to the site and I feel bad that I’ve been too lazy to do it for so long because he gives me better shit than I find myself sometimes. Cameron Carpenter, the man in in this clip is…well there are no words to describe how good he is at the organ, you just have to watch and be amazed.


Bestest Drummer EVAR

Posted by ebowen On March - 13 - 2010

It’s been a while since I had a new post up here but I’ve consulted with the Muse and was inspired to start posting again. Over a year ago I posted an entry called Best Drum Solo Ever . In it there was an anonymous drummer rocking out at what seemed to a marching band competition. I now know that the drummer’s name is Tim Jackson of The Blue Devils marching band. Tim won 4 straight Individual & Ensemble national titles. I thought I’d share another unbelievable drum solo from the 2006 finals…enjoy!

Also check out this 18 drum solo…he kinda messes up with the flourishes, but who cares?


Retardation a Celebration

Posted by ebowen On June - 23 - 2009

This is by far my favorite Strangers with Candy episode. It’s the pilot so not many people have seen it unless you have the DVDs. If you haven’t seen it, the show was sick, twisted, and totally badass. Like all badass shows it was cancelled to make room for stupid reruns or some other bullshit. Retardation a Celebration deals with the school administration enlisting Jerri Blank to try to ferret out a retard hidden in the student body. This scene is where where Mr. Jellineck helps Jerri find out about retardation with the help of Wilford Brimley It took me forever to find this clip online so you better watch…enjoy!


John Carpenter’s “The Thing” Remade With GI Joes…

Posted by ebowen On June - 21 - 2009

ZOMG…this video is fucking awesome.  Stop action GI Joes remaking the thing to pretty cool electronic music.  If ever there was such a thing, THIS is nerd porn.  I got chills. It combines: GI Joes…The Thing (one of the creepiest horror flicks ever made)…and electronic music.  Ok the Last one isn’t really a nerd thing per se, but if you’re gonna argue semantics with me instead of watch it you’re a dick.  Just watch the video.


“Paper Towels” Makes My Day

Posted by ebowen On June - 2 - 2009

This video is hilarious…I watch it on bad days to cheer me up because it’s so damn good.


Squirrel Obstacle Course

Posted by ebowen On April - 12 - 2009

Squirrels are amazingly intelligent little rodents. This one navigates a very complicated obstacle course like it’s nothing.


List of the Best Flash Game Sites

Posted by markb On April - 6 - 2009

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a list of some of the best flash game sites? Wouldn’t it be great if you could waste days of your precious time playing games online and you never had to look for them? Well here you go (not in any particular order).


If you know of any that you’d like to add please post a comment, or if you think one in the list sucks, let us know…


Night Zero Left 5 Dead

Posted by ebowen On April - 5 - 2009, a photographic web comic/novel, has done a great set of Left 4 Dead live action photos to which they’ve added their own artistic flair. They thought there was something missing from the original game so they added a pirate survivor to round out the cast…they came out with an outstanding and entertaining set for us.  Enjoy!


Comedy, or Just Sad?

Posted by ebowen On April - 2 - 2009

I don’t know if this girl is trying to be funny or she’s serious…if she’s trying to be funny she’s doing a really good job.  If she’s not, then it’s completely sad…and still really funny. I love her super ‘s’ and the fact that she actually pronounces a hard G when saying words ending in ‘ing’…

This is Miranda’s version of “Wherever, Whenever” by Shakira. It’s awesomely bad.

This is her version of “Single Ladies’ by Beyoncé.  It may require signing in to youtube to enjoy it…but it’s worth it…OMG is this thing hilariously bad.  I swear this has to be a joke.

But then again in a world where people go on American Idol and suck as badly as they do while thinking they’re good, she may be absolutely serious.


My Little Pony Redux

Posted by ebowen On April - 1 - 2009

Someone has too much time on their hands over at they have a collection of My Little Ponies that have been altered to resemble famous characters in movies…below are some of my favorites.  Click the pictures to go to the site.




Nerdcore Hip Hop Overload Pt.1

Posted by ebowen On March - 28 - 2009

I’m a nerd…I like being a nerd.  I like hip hop…and I love nerdcore hip hop.  If you’re unfamiliar with the term it basically describes hip hop covering theme normally associated with nerds…video games, science, fantasy, Star Wars, etc.  Today I thought I’d start a new series that focuses on nerdcore MCs.  Today’s spotlight will be cast on one of the better known names in nerdcore: MC Frontalot.  You may know him as the MC of the theme music to Penny Arcade Adventures…but unless you’re a nerd too it’s likely you don’t know what the Penny Arcade is either.  So as not to bore you any more thoroughly I thought I’d start with the music….

Final Boss (Penny Arcade Adventures theme), it’s a fan video so it isn’t that great but the song is.

Origin of Species

Bizarro Genius Baby

There are many others but i thought I’d include this “Freestyle 101” from G4 because it’s awesome…

Hope you enjoyed the music. Check out the MC Frontalot site, or in our store tab above.

And let us know what you think about the post.


How to Prepare for an Imminent Zombie Invasion

Posted by markb On January - 12 - 2009

You’re sitting at home on your nice comfy couch in your underwear (like you do every day after work), working on that nice ass groove you’ve got going in the cushion, and for some reason you decide to flip to the news. Interestingly enough, it seems that zombies have begun popping up everywhere; not the slow moving kind that you always wondered how they caught that poor son-of-a-bitch before eating him alive, but the quick-as-shit, make you crap your pants when you see them kind.

Hopefully you’ve prepared, like the good little boy scout that you beat up when you were a kid, and this whole thing doesn’t catch you completely by surprise sitting there on the couch in your underwear looking like an idiot wondering what to do. Of course not. You’re ready. Or you will be.

4125B4ZVXHL._SL500_AA240_.jpgThe first thing you’re going to need is your trusty Zombie Survival Guide. Read it. Memorize it. Use it. It may give you the edge you need to make it to the remote town in Montana where the military is hiding from those scary ass mothers.

According to, this book “outlines virtually every possible zombie-human encounter, drafts detailed plans for defense and attack and outlines past recorded attacks dating from 60,000 B.C. to 2002. In planning for that catastrophic day when “the dead rise.”

This book is an absolute necessity for anyone who expects to be prepared when the cataclysmic day arrives.

51KTaksQSpL._AA280_.jpg Now that we’ve covered the theoretical training material, let’s talk about practical training for a minute.

When faced with the very real threat of an immanent zombie invasion, you are going to have to rely on your reflexes to get your ass out of some pretty nasty situations. Unfortunately your zombie fragging skills won’t improve simply by washing down another frito with a swig of ice cold refreshing beer. I know, it’s shocking.

But there’s hope for the couch potatoes out there. Fortunately the futurists over at Valve realized the threat that zombies will pose to mankind in the near future and have provided us with this excellent zombie survival simulator, which they call “Left 4 Dead”. Buy it. Use it. Be grateful for it.

A clear mind, proper training, and sufficient knowledge of zombies will get you far, but only as far as your gear will allow. You will face numerous close calls. You will be bombarded and blitzed from every angle by hundreds, if not thousands, of some of the nastiest, flesh-eatingist, ass stinkinest, zombie freaks you could possibly imagine. You’re going to need some protection!

41Ggp8cALNL._SL500_AA280_.jpgThank god for Kevlar®! This nifty shit will deflect scratches and bites from those bastards that would otherwise either turn you into another one of those mindless man-eaters, or, if you’re lucky, a quick meal. This Kevlar® shirt is lightweight, allowing you to move freely as you duck and weave, zig and zag through the moaning mob.

Whether your a guy or girl, it should do a sufficient job of protecting the upper body as it is made of 100% Kevlar®. I recommend you slip it on over a long-sleeved t-shirt. You can use the t-shirt later for either sopping up blood, tying off a severed limb (you don’t want to use your belt, your damn pants will fall off), or to tie the double doors shut of the school that you decide to hide-out in to catch your breath.

“What about the boys?”, you may ask. Excellent question. Protecting your lower body is equally, if not more important than your upper body.


For this reason, I recommend these Kevlar® jeans. Due to the 100% Kevlar® lining of these suckers, your boys below the belt (and your legs and ass) should be protected from the biters.

Of course you aren’t going to want them getting any where near you, but this isn’t something that you’re going to be able to avoid. They will go for what they can see, smell, and reach, so you’re going to want to cover it all up.

Neoprene won’t do much to deflect a direct bite to the neck but this neck protector should do a pretty good job of protecting your double chin from scratches and light nibbles. Cover everything! Except your eyes of course, you’ll need to be able to see them coming.


Keep in mind that during any kind of apocalyptic-type event, there is going to be rubble. There is going to be downed building, glass everywhere, bodies to avoid, and who knows what else. You’re going to need some high quality footwear with some good ankle support. Check these bad boys!

They’ll keep your little toes safe and sound no matter what kinds of shit you find yourself stepping in.

418beWcKwGL._AA280_.jpg Which is a good thing, because you’ll surely be stepping in it!

In addition to clothing, You’ll need a high quality pack to tote your essentials. I recommend one of these. They should hold everything you need and they look pretty damn bad-ass!

41DmDxh8x5L._SL500_AA280_.jpg Well this should do it for clothing and containers. Let’s talk about weaponry for a minute. Most people think a shot gun, hand gun, machine gun, or some other dumb ass self-defense device would suffice. Nope! They may be pretty cool. They may saw down the zombies for a few minutes, but our goal is long-term survival. Unless you have an unlimited supply of ammo and the strength of samson to carry it all, you need something that will last. When it comes to personal zombie defense tools, my first favorite is the good old louisville slugger.


It’s long enough to keep you at a safe distance from what your smacking while providing the brain bashing power that you require. You see stopping zombies usually requires either removing the head from the body, or simply beating the crap out of their brain with a blunt object. The bat works excellently for the latter method.

Of course if you’re the type of person that likes to make sure that a zombie is left good and re-dead. Removing the head is the approach that the more detail-oriented prefer. I’ve got a favorite for this as well.


This is one bad-ass machete. It should lop those bastards’ heads right off. It will also come in handy for chopping down small trees for making temporary shelter in the woods. Sometimes the woods is safer than the cities. It’s all in the Zombie Survival Guide.

If trekking through the woods is something that you decide to add to your survival strategy, you’re going to need some navigational aid. Let’s be real. You don’t know the north star from your asshole and get lost driving to work every day. I think I’d go with a GPS if I were you. Here’s a pretty good one that should get you where you’ll need to go.


You’ll want to reserve the battery life as much as possible, as power outlets may be difficult to find this close to the end of days. I recommend using it only when you are completely lost. In the meantime you’ll want to use regular old-fashioned maps. I know you don’t know how to read them, but damn. Learn.

Here you go. These are some pretty good maps. you’ll find they’ll help out when you are slightly off-road as well.

Toss one of these Adventure Medical Kits in that kick ass Bag you bought, and you should have everything you need to brave the new world before you.

Be smart. Stay sharp. And beat those bitches down!


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