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SSD Badassedness

Posted by ebowen On March - 13 - 2010

Yes, it’s a word…if you don’t believe me look it up in…ok I made it up, but it definitely applies to this video.  I realize that this is just a commercial for Samsung SSDs but I find it cool, if completely corny.  They daisy chain 24 256GB SSDs together for 6 TB of SSD storage and 2GB per second of throughput to the processor.  For those of you who are still reading this and thought I was just speaking some Latvian regional dialect I will translate from nerd…

Solid State Drives (SSD) have no moving parts.  Normal hard drives store data on spinning discs, or platters.  As computer processors and memory have gotten faster hard drives really haven’t and as a result computers aren’t as fast as they could be, and because they spin at 7-10k RPM they wear down faster than they would without moving parts.  SSDs allow for faster access to the data on your drive which means everything works faster…and I mean FUCKING FAST.   They’re lighter, faster, smaller, and can cost 5 times as much as a regular hard drive…

Just check this video out.  Note:  I don’t recommend defragmenting an SSD like they do in the video, it could be very detrimental to it’s health.


Where are You Going to Stick Your IPod

Posted by markb On January - 31 - 2009


This is probably the most bad-ass, yet hide it when your mom comes over, IPod dock I have ever seen.


Strange Gel Remote Concept by Panasonic by CubeMe

Posted by markb On January - 5 - 2009

Ok, this has to be the most bad-ass remote control I have ever seen.   I love the quote, “when you touch it, the remote gets excited and becomes rigid”.

You must check it out.

Strange Gel Remote Concept by Panasonic by CubeMe.


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