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In Browser 3d Graphics

Posted by ebowen On March - 4 - 2009

Check out the awesome 3D browser graphics at Alternativa Platform Blog…I have seen it before but this is by far the best I’ve ever seen them. I got the first link to the temple to load but I couldn’t get any of the other demos to load…but as I’ve said before I’m mildly retarded so tell me if you get anything.

Temple Demo Link

Link to Main Blog Page with Demos


Looks like it’ll be awesome.


Football is for Wimps

Posted by ebowen On February - 1 - 2009

That’s right…American football is no where near as interesting or rough as rugby, the bestest sport ever created.  I think I like rugby more than football because the players are more versatile than those in football. There is no down field rule…forwards (loose equivalent to lineman) can kick goals and score tries (touchdowns). It’s also a more dynamic game and MUCH more fast paced. Oh and it’s not wimpified like football by all the rules against tackling people too roughly (no one tackles with their head when they don’t have helmets on). I’ve included a little intro to the rules of rugby in case you have no idea what it is, it may be from a video game but it’s a good summary of the basic rules and how to play. It’s not all that strange, a friend of mine that I played with actually learned the basics from playing Rugby on playstation. I also have a big hit compilation to illustrate my point.

And now the hits….


Bestest Hits

Posted by ebowen On January - 19 - 2009

I know I’m always saying I’m a super nerd and everything, which is true. But I have done other things than work on computers and play video games. I used to play rugby in high school. In fact, my senior year my team went to the high school national championship. I always get all pumped up watching rugby…I can’t play it anymore due to multiple physical ailments but I really love this shit. It’s better than any major sport in America in my opinion…everything else is so boring compared to it. So for all the rugby lovers out there, and for all the neophytes I thought I’d share some collections of the greatest rugby hits that I found around the web.

Before we go into the greatest hits vids I thought I’d educate newcomers on a thing called the “haka”, something most rugby greatest hits videos include. The haka is is a traditional Maori (New Zealand native) dance. The type of haka familiar to rugby fans is the war dance performed by the New Zealand national rugby team, the All Blacks. It is performed at the beginning of a game to intimidate the opposing side (and it pumps just about every person with a pulse who witnesses it). It’s amazing.

Haka Vid:

Great Hits 1:

Great Hits 2:

Great Hits 3:

Great Hits 4:

Big Time Rugby Hits – Watch more free videos


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