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Night Zero Left 5 Dead

Posted by ebowen On April - 5 - 2009, a photographic web comic/novel, has done a great set of Left 4 Dead live action photos to which they’ve added their own artistic flair. They thought there was something missing from the original game so they added a pirate survivor to round out the cast…they came out with an outstanding and entertaining set for us.  Enjoy!


Happy Tree Friends vs. RJD2

Posted by burritoincognito On February - 18 - 2009

This is a cool mash-up of the Happy Tree Friends and the RJD2 song “The Horror”. ApcFlippylover has made several of these on youtube…you should check them out if you like this one. If you’ve never heard of RJD2 you’re missing out. Check out his site:


Death is a Spongebob Fan

Posted by ebowen On February - 17 - 2009

I love this pic…laughed my ass off…good on ya Chase, whoever you are.



Awesome Graffitti Artist

Posted by ebowen On February - 16 - 2009

This guy is unbelievable…I didn’t know that it was possible to do this with a can of spray paint and newspaper…


Endless Interestingness

Posted by ebowen On February - 10 - 2009

This picture site is awesome.  I guess the best way to describe it would be a mosaic of all the pictures on Flickr on an endless treadmill like thing that moves as you move the mouse…it’s awesome.


Amazing Life-Like Sculptures

Posted by markb On January - 18 - 2009


Ron Mueck is just amazing.  Check the link for some of the most life-like sculptures you will ever see!

Ron Mueck: Hyper-Realist Sculptor at Brooklyn Museum.


Building Projections

Posted by ebowen On January - 11 - 2009

This video montage of building projections is awesome.  I’d seen a small clip before but never a collection this comprehensive.  I’m curious to see what kinds of prjectors they’re using.  Those are some extremely detailed, over-sized projections.


Weird Russian Photo Site

Posted by ebowen On January - 5 - 2009

I found messing around today…I wouldn’t classify it as anything other than a photo site but it’s got some weird ass stuff on there.  Most of it is really cool.  They have wallpapers and fantasy art and fashion stuff and then there are just off the wall stuff like the little kitten below.zippered-cat


Inflatable Sculptures

Posted by ebowen On December - 26 - 2008

Street artist Joshua Allen Harris recorded and distributed a video of his very cool inflatable sculptures…I don’t know if I think they’re cool or they disturb me, or both.  Let me know what you think.


Vector Art Stuff

Posted by ebowen On December - 21 - 2008

I found this post on Vector tutorials and stuff over at kreativegarden.  I thought it was pretty useful, check it out.


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